Friday, July 29, 2005

an introduction

zuccini drive is the new coöperation between Swedens’ Marcus Graap (Stacs of Stamina) and Belgiums’ Tom De Geeter (Cavemen Speak). These hyperproductive musicians find each other every time when they wanna do something else next to their homebands. In the past they already made albums under the names The World after 4/02 and Gunporn. So now a new album is in the making, where duo focuses on subtle electronica and pop-sensitive melodies. With their own words: they found more then ever what they were looking for. For references: Anticon label: 13&God, Why?, Alias, Themselves, ...

For this project Tom & Marcus could count on the help of an impressive list of producers and guestmusicians. Styrofoam and B. Fleischmann from the Morr Music label, but also Anticon’s finest Alias and Sole donated beats and instrumentals. There are also vocal guestappearances by the uncontested Markus Acher (The Notwist), the sharp MC-duo Grand Buffet or fast rapper Bleubird. The Italian indieheroes Giardini di Mirò gave as a band an extra warm dimension to a couple of tracks. Less famous but equally indispensable were the producers Pilot Balloon, Johan en Thelse. Also AB in Brussels spawn themselves behind this project.

This results in a fresh, revealing sound, and also shows that these gentlemen can count on the respect of some icons from the genre.


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