Friday, July 29, 2005

small bio

Tom is one of the three members of Cavemen Speak, already for years THE avanthop pride of Belgium. Their very own cross-over of intimistic guitar-songs and hiphop brought them shows all over Europe and a faithfull group of fans. In 2003 they dropped a song for the renowned Domino-compilation from AB (and Wire Magazine). On Cavemen Speak releases (5 albums in 4 years!) we could already hear a.o. Bleubird and Josh Martinez. Tom also did guestvocals at some of styrofoams’ live-shows during the last year.

Marcus is already active with Stacs of Stamina for years. This Swedish group evolved from making dark hiphop to more up-tempo electronica. The new Stacs album “Tivoli” drops this fall on London-based label Werk, accompanied by a 12” and a remix-EP. Stacs of Stamina already worked a.o. Mike Ladd, Busdriver, Yara Bravo, TTC, Modeselektor, and dDamage.

Marcus & Tom worked together for first time on Cavemen Speak releases. In 2003 they formed the duo The World after 4/02. Their debute “Vikings & Waffles” (Shadowarchives 2003) sounded more light and more hiphop orientated then what they made with their respective bands. Their second album, “Pretty Pretty Please” (Shadowarchives 2004) had a dark sound, with drum’n’bass rythms and industrial tones, and was filled with fast raps. That album was dropped under the name Gunporn, and was a coöperation with the American Bleubird en German producer XNDL. Both cd’s got released on vinyl by Subversiv and were followed up by intensive touring trough Europe.

Marcus and Tom played with their different projects in preshows for a.o. Alias, Beans, Boom Bip, De La Soul, Def Jux Collective, Galapagos4, Grand Buffet, Josh Martinez (Chicharones), Mike Ladd, Murs, Sage Francis, Saul Williams, Shapeshifters, Sole, Technoanimal, and Themselves.


At 12:40 AM, Blogger Martijn said...

u forgot to mention one of the cavemen speak songs was remixed by the well known producer "issue" !
No hard feelings though bro. . .

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